Where Is Phuket Town Weekend Night Market?

Does Phuket have night markets?

Phuket Weekend Market is the island’s largest night market. It’s a fascinating jumble of secondhand goods, curios, and souvenirs, as well as great local food to sample. Phuket Weekend Market can get very crowded and quite stuffy, especially in the covered part of the market.

What time does Phuket weekend market start?

The market opens at 4:00 pm but you should go at 4:30 because if you go early the shopkeepers would set up there shops and you have to wait. The market closes at 9:00pm and is open only on Saturday and Sunday.

Where is the party scene in Phuket?

Guide to Bangla Road in Phuket, Thailand | Nightlife, Bars & Entertainment. Once the sun goes down, the streets of Thailand come alive with lights, music, and fun parties. One of the top nightlife spots in the country is Bangla Road, located in the beach resort town of Patong in Phuket Province.

How much is a taxi from Patong to Phuket Town?

The quickest way to get from Patong to Old Phuket Town is to taxi which costs ฿430 – ฿550 and takes 16 min.

What is there to do in Phuket at night?

Here is the list of Best Things to do in Phuket at Night:

  • Phuket Town Weekend Night Market. Send Enquiry.
  • Bar Hopping in Bangla Road. Send Enquiry.
  • Phuket Walking Street. Send Enquiry.
  • Visit Any of the Go Go Bars. Send Enquiry.
  • Party at Patong Beach.
  • Sunset Dinner Cruise.
  • Visit Quip Sky Bar.
  • Sunset Grill Restaurant Kamala Beach.
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Where is walking street in Phuket?

The main entrance of Phuket Walking Street is on the eastern (Phuket Road) side of Thalang Road, at which a superb wooden Chinese-style gate is installed. The gate boasts a sign with ‘Lardyai’ written in 3 languages (Thai, Chinese and English) and is a popular photo op.

Is 100 baht a good tip?

In more upscale restaurants, with professional wait staff who provide excellent service, a larger tip of 5%-10% is quite common. Massage ladies commonly get a more substantial tip of 100 baht because they get only a pittance out of what you pay the house, and often wait around all day for a customer.

Is Grab cheaper than taxi in Phuket?

Grab is expensive in Phuket, it is cheaper just to approach the taxi on the street as prices with drivers on Grab can be exorbitant, as well as the 150 baht booking fee on top of that. The problem with normal taxis is they will more than likely try to rip you off.

Are taxis expensive in Phuket?

Taxis and Grab Expect to pay 100–200 baht for a shared minibus or up to 500 baht for a private taxi, depending on your destination. There are metred taxis just outside the airport terminal, as well as tourist areas like Patong and Phuket Town. Fares start from 50 baht for the first 2 km and 8 baht per additional km.

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