Question: Which Side Of The Plan For The Flight From Seoul To Phuket?

Does Korean Air fly to Phuket?

Asiana Airlines, Jin Air and Korean Air are flying nonstop from Seoul to Phuket.

Where do you fly into for Phuket?

Flights to Phuket usually land at Phuket International Airport, which is about 24 miles from the city.

Can I fly to Thailand from South Korea?

Yes, nationals of both North and South Korea need a Visa to enter this country.

How long is the flight from Seoul to Thailand?

Flight time from Seoul to Bangkok is 5 hours 50 minutes.

Is it cheaper to fly into Bangkok or Phuket?

Fly into Bangkok Bangkok’s international airport, Suvarnabhumi, is the cheapest airport in Thailand to fly into. On average, Hopper found it’s about $200 cheaper to fly into Bangkok than it is to fly into Phuket!

How many days is enough for Phuket?

We recommend spending a minimum of 4 days in Phuket to experience the best it has to offer. Pick up your favourite things to do from this guide and stitch the best possible Phuket itinerary for you.

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How safe is Phuket?

Phuket is quite a safe destination for female travelers, who are unlikely harassed because of how they’re dressed, and doesn’t have significant issues with violent street crime. The two biggest criminal threats to female tourists in Phuket are drink spiking and scams.

Can Thai people travel to Korea?

Thai nationals who wish to enter South Korea from April 13 onwards will have to apply for a visa at the South Korean embassy in Thailand, except those holding diplomatic and official passports.

How do I get a Korean visa in Thailand?

How to get a Korean Visa in Bangkok

  1. Fill-up the form completely. You can get a copy of the form HERE.
  2. Complete all the required documents.
  3. Apply personally in the Embassy of South Korea Bangkok.
  4. Wait for 7 working days.
  5. Pick-up the Passport with Visa.

How far is Thailand to Korea?

The distance between South Korea and Thailand is 3593 km. The road distance is 5304.6 km.

Is Thailand close to Korea?

Distance from South Korea to Thailand is 3,461 kilometers. This air travel distance is equal to 2,151 miles. The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between South Korea and Thailand is 3,461 km= 2,151 miles.

How many hours is Thailand from South Korea?

The total flight duration from Seoul, South Korea to Bangkok, Thailand is 5 hours, 7 minutes.

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