Question: Where To Purchase A New 2018 Volkswagen Polo Gti In Phuket Thailand?

Is the VW Polo GTI still available?

As of the beginning of 2021, the Polo GTI has been taken off-sale, with what VW has confirmed a small break before being returned to sale later this year. Previously, the sixth generation Polo GTI was available in two models – basic GTI and GTI Plus.

What is the difference between Polo GTI and Polo GTI +?

The Polo GTI is a sleeper which means that the car is meant to look like the regular Polo. It only had subtle changes on it from the POLO GT which could not be spotted from far. The biggest difference between the two is that the GTI only came in the two-door version instead of the regular four-door version.

How much is Polo GTI 2019?

Just for fun, let’s look at a comparison between the 2009 Golf GTI (Mk 5) that sold for $42,990 at launch, and the 2019 Polo GTI that, at the time of testing, wears a sticker of $31,990.

Why is Polo GTI so expensive?

VW wants to maintain their ‘luxury/comfort/safety’ tagline as the best; import duties is the reason for this high price. This would make the fully imported Euro-spec Polo GTI simply too expensive for a majority of the enthusiasts here in India.

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Why is the Polo GTI no longer available?

Fortunately for fans of small hot hatches, the Polo GTI has not been axed. “ The Polo GTI cannot be ordered for the time being due to the high demand. We have therefore decided to take the Polo GTI out of the sales range for the time being,” VW spokesman Christoph Peine explained the situation to CarScoops.

Why was the Polo GTI discontinued?

Apparently the reason that the GTI has been temporarily withdrawn from sale is that VW have ran out of squeaks, rattles for the dashboard, rattling handbrakes, noisy rear brakes, juddery wipers, crap gearboxes and scratchy plastics. In addition due to COVID 19 there’s been a shortage of mechanics that can’t fix them.

Is Polo GTI a good car?

The Polo GTI is bigger than ever, offers plenty of interior accommodation and is very refined for a hot supermini, but its lack of a manual gearbox option coupled with the slightly lacklustre performance of its DSG transmission means it’s not class leading as a drivers’ car, which in some respects means it misses the

What does GTI stand for?

The GTI in the Volkswagen GTI — as well as other cars with the GTI acronym — stands for Grand Tourer Injection. It originates from the Italian Gran Turismo Iniezione. Generally speaking, the GTI acronym indicates that a car has a direct fuel-injection system.

How reliable is Polo GTI?

The Polo GTI hasn’t been crash-tested specifically by the experts at Euro NCAP, but the standard car has. It was awarded the maximum five-star rating, with a 90% score for adult occupant protection and 86% for child occupant protection.

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Is Polo GTI fast?

There’s only one engine available in the Polo GTI range – a 1.8-litre turbocharged petrol that develops 189bhp. All that power in a small car means that performance is brisk, with 0-62mph covered in 6.7 seconds and a 139mph top speed possible.

Is Polo GTI a sports car?

Now comes its sportiest version: the new Polo GTI. The powerful TSI engine and sports chassis, tailored specifically to the Polo GTI, transform the best-selling compact car into a dynamic, four-door sports car, which also allows semi-automated driving as an option for the first time in a Polo GTI.

What is the quickest VW Polo?

The VW Polo GTI is the fastest model in the Polo range but its turbocharged 2.0-litre petrol engine and upmarket cabin also make it the most expensive…

What does Polo GTI mean?

In its original Italian the initialism stands for Gran Turismo Iniezione, translated it means Grand Touring Injection. • Best hot hatches to buy.

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