Often asked: How To Get From Phuket To Malaysia?

Can you take a train from Thailand to Malaysia?

There are two routes for train travel from Bangkok to Malaysia. On the first route Thailand train services go as far as the border town of Padang Besar. Malaysian train services run from Padang Besar to Butterworth Railway Station near the island of Penang on the West Coast of the Malay peninsula.

How far is Malaysia from Thailand by train?

The train ride from Singapore to KL, Penang, southern Thailand & Bangkok is an epic 1,920 km or 1,233 miles, incredibly cheap & perfectly safe. Indeed, it’s both comfortable & civilised.

How do I get from Langkawi to Phuket?

There is no direct connection from Phuket to Langkawi. However, you can take the ferry to Saladan Pier, Koh Lanta, take the ferry to Telaga Harbor Marina Langkawi, then take the taxi to Kuah. Alternatively, you can take a ferry from Phuket to Kuah via Koh Lipe and Kuah Ferry Terminal Langkawi in around 6h 34m.

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Is Thailand close to Malaysia?

The Malaysia–Thailand border divides the countries of Malaysia and Thailand and consists of a land boundary running for 595 km (370 mi) across the Malay Peninsula and maritime boundaries in the Straits of Malacca and the Gulf of Thailand/South China Sea.

Can I travel to Malaysia from Thailand?

Most tourists can enter Malaysia for free and stay for as long as 90 days (more on tourist visas).

Is there a direct train from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur?

Unfortunately, there are no direct trains available from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur if you wish to take the train to KL Sentral, but there are ways of doing so. KTMB the train company that operates on this route offer their services online and you can also book your train ticket online through Easybook.

Is there a train from Singapore to Malaysia?

There is no direct train from Singapore to anywhere in Malaysia other than Johor Bahru, so your starting point will always be JB Sentral (the building opposite City Square JB). You can get there any way you like, including a 5-minute train ride from Woodlands Train Checkpoint.

How can I go to Malaysia from Bangkok?

The best way to get from Malaysia to Bangkok is to fly which takes 3h 11m and costs RM 440 – RM 900. Alternatively, you can train via Hat Yai, which costs RM 110 – RM 460 and takes 20h 59m, you could also bus, which costs RM 140 – RM 240 and takes 25h 17m.

Is Langkawi or Penang better?

In short the main differences between the two islands are: Langkawi: Nature trips, beautiful seas and beaches, great resorts and a relaxed overall atmosphere. Penang: Great (hectic) Asian atmosphere, especially at nighttime, huge shopping centers and many cultural attractions.

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How far is Phuket to Malaysia?

The distance between Phuket and Malaysia is 565 km. The road distance is 965.5 km.

How many days should I spend in Langkawi?

It’s a small island, so three days is enough to see all the best sights and to enjoy the best beaches and waterfalls. But the chilled out, holiday vibe combined with the incredible surroundings and friendly Malay culture might make you extent your 3 day trip to Langkawi for much, much longer.

Is Malaysia cheaper than Thailand?

Contrary to what you might expect, Thailand is generally more expensive for visitors than Malaysia. Perhaps the biggest reason for this is because Thailand’s economy is strongly dependent on tourism while Malaysia’s overall economy is more diverse.

Is Malaysia safer than Thailand?

Both are pretty affordable and not difficult to go around. Statistically, Malaysia is probably safer than Thailand. But if you consider how much partying, drinking and prostitution goes on in Thailand, it’s actually not bad at all.

Is it better to live in Malaysia or Thailand?

Overall, if you are thinking of moving to Malaysia or Thailand, considering simply the ability to easily get a visa, ability to buy property, more job options and higher salaries, Malaysia is a better choice.

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