Often asked: How Far Is Similan Islands From Phuket?

How long does it take to get to Similan Islands from Phuket?

11 to 12 hours (Approx.)

How far is it from Phuket to Similan Islands?

The Similan Islands is one of the best-known island groups in the Andaman Sea, largely because of the wonders that await beneath the clear-blue waters surrounding it. They’re around 84 km northwest of Phuket.

How do you get to Similan Islands?

The Similan Islands are about 65km off shore, about 75 mins by fast speedboat, in the Andaman Sea with the main departure pier being Tab Lamu, which is about 20 minutes from Khao Lak which is the most popular starting and staying point for day or overnight or liveaboard tours.

How long does it take to get to Similan Islands?

Speedboats all leave in the morning and the journey is at least an hour, sometimes as long as 90 minutes. Liveaboard boats take 3-5 hours to reach the Similan Islands, but they are usually in no rush because they sail through the night.

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Can you stay on the Similan Islands?

It is possible to stay on three of the eleven Similan Islands in a bungalow, hotel and campsite. By staying in one of these places you can experience the top tropical paradises of Thailand by night. The other Similan Islands that offer accommodation are Koh Similan and Koh Tachai.

How do you get to Similan Islands from Phuket?

There is no direct connection from Phuket to Similan Islands. However, you can take the Local Bus to Khao Lak, take the taxi to Khao Lak, take the ferry to Ko Similan, then take the walk to Similan Islands.

Is James Bond Island worth seeing?

For an interesting photo opportunity of a famous movie scene and for the beautiful scenery alone, the James Bond Island Tour is well worth the money. Add onto it the Monkey Caves and the Sea Gypsy Village and it really is astounding value for a first-timer.

Is James Bond Island same as Phi Phi Island?

James Bond Island and Phi Phi Islands are both located between Phuket and Krabi but in opposite directions. James Bond Island is to the north of Ao Po pier while the Phi Phi Islands are to the south. Since Phi Phi Islands are closer to Krabi than Phuket, normally tours from Krabi are cheaper than the ones from Phuket.

Is Phi Phi expensive?

Koh Phi Phi is one of the most expensive islands in Thailand, especially for budget accommodation. Even a bed in an 18-bed dorm room can cost you upwards of 1000 baht per night ($33).

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Which is better Phuket or Khao Lak?

Because of Phuket having lots of sordid nightlife and Khao Lak being far more laid back, each place attracts a certain type of tourist. Khao Lak is better for couples, families & divers in general. Khao Lak has lots of restaurants which include all tastes and budget levels.

Are Similan Islands Open?

SIMILAN ISLANDS OPEN WITH NEW RESTRICTIONS – DIVE Magazine. The Mu Koh Similan National Park – often referred to as ‘the Similan Islands’ or ‘the Similans’ – re-opened to visitors last week with a raft of new regulations to promote sustainable tourism with the intention of preserving the natural beauty of the islands.

How long does it take from Khao Lak to Similan Islands?

How far is Similan Islands from Khao Lak? The islands are 70 km west from Khao Lak. It takes 1h 30 min with the speeboat to reach the islands.

What is the meaning of Similan?

“Similan” is a Yawi word meaning ‘nine’. Ko Bon and Tachai were added to the national park in 1998. Ko Similan: Ko Similan is the largest island.

How do I get from Bangkok to Koh Similan?

The quickest way to get from Bangkok to Similan Islands is to fly and taxi and ferry which costs ฿5500 – ฿8000 and takes 7h 26m.

How do I get to Khao Lak?

The easiest way to get to Khao Lak is to fly into Phuket (closest way) or Krabi. Then you can take a taxi or bus to Khao Lak from there. Both airports serve both international and domestic destinations.

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