FAQ: What Shot For Phuket?

How long does the Covid shot last?

One is that the three coronavirus vaccines authorized for use in the United States provide a high degree of protection for at least three months, based on clinical trials that began as early as last July. 7

Can you spread the virus after taking the vaccine?

The viral load data indicate that even fully immunized people can spread the virus as easily as unvaccinated people who become infected. “We believe at individual level they might, which is why we updated our recommendation,” Dr. Walensky said in an email to The New York Times earlier this week.

Can you get sick with Covid if you are vaccinated?

So while the vaccines are very good at protecting us from the virus, it’s still possible to get infected with mild or no symptoms, or even to get very sick. If you do end up getting sick despite vaccination, experts say the shots help reduce the severity of the illness — the main reason to get vaccinated.

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Why did I get Covid after being fully vaccinated?

“Even when a vaccine is highly effective, a small percentage of people who are fully vaccinated will get COVID-19 if they are exposed to the virus that causes it,” said West Virginia Epidemiologist Shannon McBee. McBee says, breakthrough cases occur for all vaccine preventable conditions.

How long does Moderna Covid vaccine last?

Moderna Says Its Vaccine’s Protection Holds After 6 Months – The New York Times. World|Moderna says its vaccine’s protection does not wane after six months.

How long will the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine provide protection?

Data are not yet available to inform about the duration of protection that the vaccine will provide.

Can you still spread Covid if vaccinated?

Only a small portion of vaccinated individuals end up contracting the disease, though you still can. If contracted, there is still a chance of spreading it to others, which could be extremely dangerous if the household is immunocompromised or unvaccinated. 2

Does the vaccine prevent you from spreading Covid?

One of the most nagging questions about the COVID-19 pandemic for public health authorities, policymakers and the public was whether the vaccines stop transmission. New Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data show that in breakthrough cases of the highly transmissible delta variant, the answer is no.

Can you spread COVID-19 if you are vaccinated?

(CNN) Fully vaccinated people who get a Covid-19 breakthrough infection can transmit the virus, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said Thursday.

How likely are you to get Covid if you are fully vaccinated?

One in 26. That’s the chance of being infected with Covid-19 if you’re in contact with an infected individual and fully vaccinated, the researchers found. This is compared to a one in 13 chance for the unvaccinated.

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What is the risk of getting COVID-19 after vaccine?

The risks of SARS-CoV-2 infection in fully vaccinated people cannot be completely eliminated where community transmission of the virus is widespread. Vaccinated people could potentially still become infected and spread the virus to others.

What happens if you get COVID-19 after being vaccinated?

Most epidemiologists agree that a breakthrough case occurs when a person who has been fully vaccinated becomes infected with the coronavirus. That infection could manifest as anything from asymptomatic, to mild symptoms, to severe symptoms that result in hospitalization or even death. 4

Has anyone gotten Covid infection after being fully vaccinated?

Fully vaccinated people have made up as few as 0.1 percent of and as many as 5 percent of those hospitalized with the virus in those states, and as few as 0.2 percent and as many as 6 percent of those who have died. 3

Do vaccinated people test positive for Covid?

Yes, if you’ve been around someone who has COVID-19. The latest guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says people who are fully vaccinated should get tested three to five days after a potential exposure, even if they don’t have symptoms.

Should you still wear a mask if you are fully vaccinated?

Vaccinated people need to mask up again, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. On July 27, 2021, the CDC recommended that everyone in areas with high COVID-19 infection rates wear masks in public indoor spaces, regardless of vaccination status.

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